Harvest Christian Fellowship
Who We Are

Harvest Christian Fellowship was planted on Easter Sunday, 2002. We associate ourselves with Grace Communion International because of our common desire for true lasting revival. The over 900 churches in over 100 countries may be slightly different in approach but we have chosen to identify with these churches for accountability, fellowship and support.

Harvest Christian shares interdependence with a variety of local Bible-believing congregations for fellowship, networking, encouragement and advancement of kingdom work. We are proud to have fellowship with these churches and recognize them as part of the Church universal.

The local mission of the church was formulated from a deep passion to see people brought to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We feel that relationship is the foundation for dealing successfully with all of life's issues.

Harvest Christian exists to compassionately help the hurting by leading them to Jesus. It is our desire to provide a community of loving people who have not lost the understanding of what it means not to be a Christian. We strive to be relevant to the issues people are facing today and to convey the message and teachings of Jesus Christ in plain English so ordinary people can understand. Our church structure is simple and fresh just like the good news of Jesus.

At Harvest Christian we are tired of religion and don't want to play church. We are concerned about people not programs and relationships not just religion. God Himself. The music is current with the day we live in.


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